Our Mission

Revolutionizing B2B2C by solving real world problems and delivering genuine cost-benefit for businesses, health plans, governments, and brands while providing better engagement and payment experiences for their members.


Markets We Address

Healthcare Solutions

We’ll help you cultivate member loyalty with a positive healthcare experience, incentivize healthy behaviors, designate where healthcare is delivered, and monitor compliance.

Non-Profit Solutions

We design programs with you to direct behaviors among the populations you serve to engage in behaviors that can improve their health and quality of life.

Retail Solutions

We drive B2B2C volume to your stores with our proven and trusted technology that is already used by leading retailers nationwide, such as Walmart and Costco.

Employer Solutions

We create high levels of engagement in your compliance-based programs, such as employee health & wellness, immunizations, safety eyewear and much more.

Government Solutions

We’ll work with you to engage populations in public health initiatives that involve active participation among constituents and provide insights on program effectiveness and outcomes.

Brand Solutions

We deliver rapid, high engagement buying incentives that can be delivered to consumers based on recent activities, and unlike coupons these transactions are tracked daily.


Leadership Team

Ken Erickson


Laura Fox

VP Client Services

Joe Wellborn

Chief Marketing Officer

Red Solosko


Dani Wagnon

Dani Wagnon

VP/General Manager


Eric McConkey


Joe Page



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