Bridge Purchasing Solutions Launches Latest Technology Platform: BridgePay

Since Launching Platform in 2017, Bridge Has Issued over $25M Value on Proprietary Digital Payment Card Platform
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Grapevine, Texas (June 23, 2021) – Bridge Purchasing Solutions, an innovative FinTech company, announced today the launch of their latest technology platform, dubbed “GoBridgePay.”

“Five years ago we launched our first tech platform to solve digital payments for safety glasses at Walmart. It was a huge success, and we immediately saw the potential to expand to any product or service at any retailer or network nationwide,” said Ken Erickson, CEO of Bridge Purchasing Solutions, “We went to work building our next-generation platform, and today we’re pleased to announce BridgePay, the culmination of that effort.”

“BridgePay represents a brand new way for businesses and health plans to manage effective compliance and incentive programs using transactions,” explained Erickson. “It’s a paradigm shift for compliance programs, because not only are employees and members engaged, they now have a seamless way to actually transact. That represents a big value to those populations, which is why compliance is so effective.”

The company says the platform can be used for programs such as immunizations, wellness incentives, safety gear, job-related materials & supplies, and diagnostic services and lot more,” Erickson stated. “Basically, any kind of directed-spend program our clients need involving transactions, we can build it for them. Clients can use our national network of over 30,000 leading retailer locations or we can integrate custom networks as well.”

The company describes the new platform as B2B2E – that’s Business to Business to Employee.

“Brands and retailers can also leverage the platform to drive new revenue and cultivate loyalty among new and existing customer relationships,” Erickson added. “It’s a new way to lock in sales for any brand or retailer.”

The company piloted the platform starting in early 2020 with a “back-to-work Covid testing program” for a prominent national health services company.

“Our partner needed a unique solution to manage complex and dynamic employee populations, and BridgePay was the only platform flexible enough to their custom requirements,” said Erickson. “The flexibility to customize for our clients’ unique needs is one of the strengths of the platform.”

The company is inviting businesses and health plans to contact them about designing custom engagement programs using transactions.

About GoBridgePay

GoBridgePay is the one and only B2B2C payment platform (Business to Business to Consumer) that drives highly customizable financial transactions to link consumers, employers, and health plans with products and services at the nation’s leading retailers. For more information, visit or email