Bridge Purchasing Solutions Reports Key Milestone: $25M in Cumulative Card Load

Since Launching Platform in 2017, GoBridgePay Has Issued over $25M Value on Proprietary Digital Payment Card Platform

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Grapevine, Texas (June 23, 2021) – Bridge Purchasing Solutions, an innovative FinTech company, announced today that they have reached a key financial milestone after launching their one-of-a-kind directed-spend digital payment technology platform, in January of 2017.

“Since we launched, we’ve experienced continued growth in the reach and utilization of our platform, and this is a great milestone” said Ken Erickson, CEO of GoBridgePay, “Our platform and our team have scaled beautifully to meet our clients’ needs since day one.” The platform is used by employers to send digital payment cards to their employees that can be redeemed at Walmart Vision Centers nationwide. “One of the keys to our success is that our clients find it’s the best solution available for sending employees to make their safety vision purchases and tracking utilization,” explained Erickson. “This revenue achievement is a great milestone for us, and it’s only in our initial vertical: safety vision. Soon we’ll be expanding into other product and service categories, such as immunizations, clinical services, wellness, pharmacy, and more.” The platform is offered to all U.S. employers and is supported at Walmart Vision Centers nationwide.

About GoBridgePay

BridgePay is the one and only B2B2C payment platform (Business to Business to Consumer) that drives highly customizable financial transactions to link consumers, employers, and health plans with products and services at the nation’s leading retailers. For more information, visit or email