The leading enterprise filtered-spend platform powering B2B2C digital payments

BridgePay is the leading B2B2C enterprise platform for issuing highly customized digital payment cards for specific products and services designed by our clients.

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Not just B2B.
It's B2B2C.

BridgePay brings the consumer into the B2B equation.

Our partners and clients use the BridgePay platform to automate the issuing and tracking of dynamic, highly personalized filtered-spend digital payments to drive their members, employees, and customers to transact at specific locations for specific products and services. 

  • 1
    Step 1

    Define Products & Services

    Clients design the products and services they want their members to purchase.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Digital Payment Cards Issued

    Digital cards issued via email or text direct to member.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Digital Payment Scanned

    Member uses digital payment card to pay for specified item(s) at retailer or custom network.

  • 4
    Step 4

    Data Reported

    Transaction data is available to plan sponsor daily.

Unlock the power of digital filtered-spend


Dynamic, flexible, and scalable for any industry

Join the 3,000+ companies already leveraging customized, API-driven marketplaces to issue highly personalized digital payment cards for the products and services designed by our clients.

Our clients make the rules: who pays for what, when, where, and how much

Plastic is outdated


Meet the new Digital Payment Card

Payments should be digital. Digital meets people where they are: on their phones or tablets. Digital is instant. It’s efficient. It’s convenient. It can be filtered to specific products and services. Digital engages. Digital matches individuals with their transactions and behaviors.

Digital is the future, and BridgePay is leading that future.

  • Highly personalized
  • White-labeled to reinforce client’s brand
  • Sent via text or email
  • Intuitive, convenient, user-friendly mobile-first UX
  • Restricted to specific products and services designated by the plan sponsor
  • Drives transactions within a specified timeframe
  • Scanned as payment at POS
  • Ability to automate multi-step programs
  • No lost funds
Digital Payment Card

The complete digital payment solution

Filtered spend programs are more than just integration at the POS. It’s also about designing and launching programs that meet your business goals, engaging populations, and tracking utilization data to iterate and improve engagement.

BridgePay combines all the components needed to make filtered spend possible for everyone.

Transaction Configurator

Design the specific products and services you want your populations to transact.

Distribution & Engagement

Highly customizable automated engagements provide personalized, step-by-step communications that drive utilization, successful transactions, and promote better outcomes.

POS Restriction

Payments are processed leveraging industry-leading payment rails, with all the security, convenience and worldwide acceptance you'd expect.

Data & Analytics

Daily reporting provides unprecedented insights into every transaction, including what was transacted, the amount spent, when, where and by whom.


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