Solosko Named Chief Operating Officer for Bridge Purchasing Solutions

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Grapevine, Texas (June 3, 2020) – Bridgemart, a subsidiary of Bridge Purchasing Solutions and a leading employer safety vision company, announced today that Mike “Red” Solosko, currently President of Bridgemart Vision, will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer for Bridge Purchasing Solutions in addition to his current responsibilities.

“Solosko joined Bridge in March and has already made a tremendous impact and contribution to the organization.” said Ken Erickson, CEO, Bridge Purchasing Solutions. “Red has impressed me with his insight, breadth of knowledge and approach to problem solving. He has reset our strategy in Vision, that business is secure and growing. Now I look forward to working closer with Red on our healthcare and platform strategies as well.”

“These last several months have been amazing. I am so impressed with the team here at Bridge. They have a passion for solving real problems and serving our customers better than anyone else in the market. Additionally, the power of the platform to disrupt healthcare payments is even more obvious to me now. I am looking forward to working closely with Ken and the rest of the leadership team in realizing its full potential.” Solosko replied.

About Bridge Purchasing Solutions

Bridge offers an innovative TaaS™ platform – Transactions as a Service™ — that lets businesses both large and small drive highly customizable financial transactions to link consumers, employers, retailers, healthcare providers and plan members. For more information, visit or email